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Type of Program: Service Based/Network Monitor
Supported Platforms: Windows 2000/NT/XP - Linux/Unix/FreeBSD
Company Name: ServersCheck (a Fides Unit)
Version: Professional 3.5.2 (Standard and Enterprise also available)
Price: $199.00 (USD)
Installed Size: 7.5MB


When it's up to you as an Administrator you want to make certain that all of your systems are "Up" rather than being down. Right? If any part of the system goes down you need to know now rather than later, or having the boss come to you, right? Now wouldn't it also be nice if you could monitor your systems without really having to keep an ever-constant watch on them? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to setup such a system quick, easy and painless? Now you can!

ServersCheck is a service-based application that runs on Windows NT, 2000, 2003 Server or XP Professional as well on Linux, Unix or FreeBSD and is one that constantly monitors through a browser accessible application called the Configuration Server. The great part about ServersCheck is the fact that the Configuration Server is actually a stand alone Web Server that allows you to administrate your ServersCheck installation. This means you do not need to have a Web Server installed on your computer! You can access the server through either Netscape or the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.

ServersCheck gives you the capability to monitor your system complete with reports and alerts which of course not only makes you look good in what you do but also informs you (automatically updated to your choosing) about how well your systems are operating, or which ones are down. Here's a list of many of the areas you can monitor:

  1.   Web Servers (Apache,IIS,Domino,...)
  2.   FTP Servers
  3.   Mail Servers (Exchange,...)
  4.   Common and Custom TCP Ports
  5.   Website Content
  6.   Website Images
  7.   Drive Space
  8.   SNMP Device Values
  9.   Event Log Entries
  1.   Routers, Bridges, WAN Connections
  2.   File Existence
  3.   Windows Service
  4.   Windows Process
  5.   File Content
  6.   ODBC Databases
  7.   MySQL Databases
  8.   Oracle Databases

Quite an impressive list! And the best part of this is that once you have it setup in a few short steps it will then keep an ever-watchful eye on your systems and produce for you real-time reports on the status on each check you set up. Each report gives you hyperlinks of each individual check and is produced in HTML format which consists of everything you need to see at a glance of what's going on (or not going on) with your system! Complete with graphical stats by the day, week, month or year! This is great to look at for a quick and easy way to view your system and any checks you currently have setup.

What I found nice about ServersCheck was the added feature to attach and setup Teams to any check you want. This way if you have more than one person monitoring your system you can setup Teams to monitor certain systems and have that Team alerted to react. Each Team can be setup differently to alert rules based to any different person(s). Speaking of alerts, they can be created in several ways. Set it up to alert any Team, have it ICQ a message to yourself, or how about having it send you an email (great if you happened to be away with your laptop), or even have it send a message to your Pager or Cell phone (paging available only in the US), or through a gateway SMS (SMS is only available in the Pro Version), and last but not least of course you can have it give yourself an audible alert and/or send yourself or a Team a Network Message!

No doubt about it, ServersCheck is an application you should try! Especially if your job requires you to be informed about any downtimes or anything else that may, or could go wrong you're your management system(s). Even with the free Shareware Version you can set it up to monitor five system checks to test it out on your system! With the Shareware Version you only have access to the system checks via the Localhost but with the Pro Version you can access it from any location! So go "check" it out today and see just how well it performs in your business. After you have looked at other monitoring software I really feel that you will choose ServersCheck. Not only because it gives you a price advantage but also because of its many monitoring features as well as the great support (just to name a few). ServersCheck deserves to be your cost-effective Management Monitoring solution therefore I can only give it high marks all the way around, as I assume you would to.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

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