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Visual Script XML

Type of Program: XML Editor
Supported Platforms: Windows 95-XP
Company Name: SmartDraw
Version: 1.20
Price: $495.00 (Single User License - Other Licenses Available)
Installed Size: 30MB


VisualScript XML is an exciting new application that takes developing XML to a whole new level. If you practice any type of Web developing, then this is one program you will want in your toolbox! VisualScript XML is designed not only to be easy -to-use, but to help you facilitate your XML standards across a wide spectrum audience. It is a great tool that finally reaches out to users in an intuitive way that lets you visually generate all your XML documents!

VisualScript XML allows users to easily program XML statements with graphical symbols, which can be used to illustrate any type of business process. Users simply drag and drop these symbols into the work area, which is by far the largest of them all-50 by 50 inches! Few programs allow for this type of an area in which to draw diagrams! When the diagram is complete, the script exports the presentation into XML statements with the proper syntax , including support for hierarchical statements and validation.

Now, if you are used to working with other programs of this genre, take note. VisualScript XML easily converts Visio files along with these other formats:

1.. Encapsulated Postscript (EPS)
2.. AutoCAD (DXF)
3.. CGM
4.. HPGL
5.. PDF
6.. Adobe Illustrator
7.. MicroGrafx Draw

It also works right alongside Microsoft Word for easy integration of the two.

VisualScript XML has many great features, so let's take a look at a few of them here. The product is fully compatible with the other products, SmartDraw and SmartDraw Photo. Once you start using VisualScript XML, you will find many ways to liven up those drab old presentations. Once you create one, you can always save it as a template, or create your own templates to use again and again for faster performance. Your Script Properties can be defined for any VisualScript object including shapes, lines, etc. Once you have your properties defined, that object can become global and be applied to other objects.

One thing I really liked about VisualScript XML is the ability to change any of the Toolbar's object attributes. For example, when you drag a square onto the area it may have a predefined size of 1.00 by .50. But you can easily change the size by double clicking on the square. Also, VisualScript XML comes with thousands of pre-programmed symbols and templates that work with XML, ebXML, SMIL or other popular XML standards. You can also download free symbols and templates from the website in addition to creating your own. The program allows you to add your own symbols and templates to the user interface, and add your own buttons to the "Create New Drawing" dialog!

Worried that VisualScript XML only works with XML? No need to be. VisualScript XML is not limited to XML. In fact, any of the shapes can be programmed to use other scripting languages such as JAVA. So the more you use (and need VisualScript XML), the more valuable it becomes.

Clearly stated, VisualScript XML is just remarkable! It is XML made easy from a proven leader in its field. Put in simple terms, VisualScript XML is to XML as Top Style (reviewed elsewhere here) is to CSS, or what Front Page is to HTML. This program is surely going to give Visio a good run for its shelf life. Users just point and click… so even the novice is up and running in no time (considering the technical aspects, learning skill and price range of other products). As you draw and click, VisualScript XML does all the work, turning your symbols, diagrams or flowcharts into XML. As you add shapes to your diagram, the matching statements are then added to the script automatically. And because it supports almost any scripting language you can quickly build your own custom libraries of symbols and templates in no time.

The more you use VisualScript XML the more I am confident that you will find new uses and new features that meet your needs. I personally look forward to working with it more and more. Each time I use it, I find more powerful features! For instance, say you have a large collection of images that you want to import into your presentations. In a few clicks of the mouse, you can create your own customized library of symbols using the "Library Builder Wizard."

So go ahead and start creating. Add symbols into your work area; insert fields where users can enter data directly into the diagram. Link to external include files to further the power that allows you to build separate XML script modules. Once you are ready, you can upload your presentation to your free VisualScript XML account on the Web and show the world your great work(s). I would, without any hesitation, rate VisualScript XML higher than five stars but since five here is "the best," you can't do much better than that, can you? Backed by a supporting cast of great support, and the leading-provider of business graphics software, is VisualScript XML.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

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