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12345 Good Photo Gallery Wizard

Type of Program: Web Photo Gallery Creator
Supported platforms: Windows 9x/ME/XP
Company Name: YourChoice Software
Version: 1.25
Price: $18.95
Installed Size: 1 Mb


 This has got to be the fastest and easiest HTML photo gallery software on the planet. As the name implies, it's five steps to creating a photo album. I was able to create a great looking album in a matter of a few minutes. There's practically no learning curve so even your kids will be knocking out cool galleries in no time. The interface is so simple there's not even a toolbar. There are buttons for previous and next steps on each page. The only other buttons you'll find are a help button and browse buttons for photos and save folders. You can even skip steps two and three for setting custom styles if you want to! Simply browse and select photos, hit a few buttons and blammo! you have a photo gallery.

The Step 1 page is where you browse your hard drive or CD-ROM drive for photos. Once you choose a folder the photos are listed in a window on the left and you can select the photos you want and transfer them to the window on the right to build your album list. There are tick boxes to add all files in a folder automatically, include sub folders or clear the list before adding. The gallery image list has a drop down menu with options for saving and loading lists, page separator tools, and sorting. I found the page separator tools particularly handy for splitting the list into pages by folder. There's a much welcome image preview window and a box to type in comments for selected images.

Step 2 is the gallery styles page. You can set the thumbnail row and column layout, navigation links, link activation and colors and background here. The pages can be set up with navigation links at the top or bottom or in frames with page menu on the left. You can also name your index page and make it a relative or absolute link. There's an advanced menu too that lets you add header and footer info as well as a title. Backgrounds can be set to any color with the color picker or you can choose a tiled image instead.

The thumbnail styles page is next with a preview area to give you an idea of how your thumbs will look. You can set the size and add shadows or black frames. There are a couple of settings in this step that seem to have been misplaced from the gallery styles step. For some odd reason the options for file descriptions and gallery image size settings ended up here. There is also a JPEG compression setting here that applies to both thumbnail and gallery images.

The fourth step involves selecting an output folder for your album and there are saving conventions like auto rename images using masks, generation of relative or absolute image locations, and converting non web compatible formats to JPEG format.

Step 5 has only buttons for starting, stopping, aborting an album and shows the progress. Once complete the button changes to a "show me" button that launches your web browser and displays your album.

While this program doesn't have many of the image editing capabilities of more sophisticated photo album software, that's not the aim of this program and it does what it does extremely well. If you don't have the time or inclination for a more complex program, 12345 Good Photo Gallery Wizard is just what you need. It's fast, easy and the price is reasonable. Now, where did I put that disk with the bachelor party photos?

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User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Lain O'Siodhachain

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