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Type of Program: Economics Simulation
Supported Platforms: Win 2000/ NT / XP
Authors Name: David Gunn
Version: 0.6a
Price: Free Until June 2005
Installed Size: 20MB


I remember so long ago of a software program that would help users make decisions. I don't recall the name of the application but I do remember that you could input figures, ideas and such and the program would then simulate different results according to the inputted information. It was kind of like a think tank of software.

Times have changed a great deal since then and so has the software in AI. EconSim is an economics simulation program based on the object oriented approach and can be extended in Java. That means you can write your own firms, banks, scenarios, etc and then load them and have them interact. You use EconSim with extendable EconScripts; Java files that implement the firms, banks, consumers, etc. which compile to *. class files so you can see how extendable EconSim can soon become (provided you have that type of expertise in Java) since the Java files are written outside the application in itself.

EconSim uses Java thus allowing you to extend its usefulness and add your own code. The code is loaded automatically by an extension of the EconScript. For example; you can animate on screen the flow of information, goods and services around (a subset of) a simulated economy. The program will then call from Supplier-Customer, etc and breaks it down. This allows an animation between Supplier and Customer to be shown on screen.

There may be many ways to use EconSim or many different behaviors you want to reproduce. As the type of program this is (Economics Simulator) you may find many ways to benefit from it. This version of the program is free to use until June of 2005 so take it for this extended drive and see what it can, and will do for you.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

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