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File Tiger

Type of Program: File Utility
Supported Platforms: Windows 9.x/ 2000/NT
Company Name: Science Translations Software
Version: 1.20
Price: $29.00
Installed Size: 1.2MB


I used to use a program as the same genre as File Tiger many years ago so I was enthused to see this application come my way. File Tiger is a file synchronization and management tool that allows you to synchronize all your files. This of course allows you to keep files located in another location to stay current and updated with files of the same name that are in a different location.

PROS: You can look for files, move files, rename, delete folders, copy missing or newer files and even zip files (archive them provided you have a zip program already installed) from one location to another! File Tiger is really pretty easy to use. Just navigate to the Directories you need and click a button for the type of operation you need. You can use wildcards to sift through the Directories you want to synchronize (*.doc -*.exe, *.* etc).

CONS: The downloaded version I was led to by the URL link allowed me to download File Tiger but when I went to run the program for the first time a dialog popped up that said the software was over two years old. Don't worry about that, just continue (I mention this because I thought I was getting the newest version and took me a little by surprise), and you may want to double check that you do get the latest version available. You are only allowed to operate in "Novice Mode" with the Shareware Version so you won't be able to try the "Standard" or "Pro" Modes (where all files are visible, including hidden, system, and read-only files), although it does allow you to view Hidden files by using the File, Show Hidden File selection from the Menu.

So if you do a lot of moving files back and forth between your local hard drive or from business to business or from work and home File Tiger may be your alternative to "My Briefcase" or such. It performed the way it should and was easy enough to use right away.

User Friendly
Cost * * * *
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

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