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Spam Inspector

Type of Program: Email Client Utility
Supported Platforms: Win9x/ME/XP/NT 4.x/2000
Company Name: GIANT Company Software
Version: 4.0
Price: $29.00 (USD)
Installed Size: 9MB


Here in the United States there is a Spam law that is supposed to take effect sometime in the future. Spam has really gotten to be one big headache. When a person receives over 100 Spam emails in any given day, enough is enough! But what do we do until the Spam law takes effect? Wade through all the Spam emails and spend most your time deleting messages? Get frustrated by the ever-increasing Spam? Or tackle it with an anti-Spam program? I vote for the anti-Spam program! That's where Spam Inspector comes in. Until any given law comes into effect, and whether the law can really fight against the Spam, the user is bombarded over and over again with all these junk emails.

Spam Inspector is your best defense right now! It offers you the protection you need and is integrated directly into your email client. I have seen other Spam blockers but in order for them to work you must first open "their" program before even going into your email program! Why waste time doing that when Spam Inspector works seamlessly within your email program? No more opening two programs just to do one thing! With Spam Inspector you don't have to change the way you send or receive email any longer!

Spam Inspector gives you the answer to fighting back on Spam! It will keep your Inbox clean by filtering out and separating those annoying Spam emails. The more you use Spam Inspector, the smarter it gets and adapts itself to your email. It will indeed filter out with pure accuracy all those unwanted and offensive emails and even protect you from possible emails containing viruses.

To start fighting back all you have to do is install Spam Inspector. Out of the box it begins immediately fighting back and blocking those unwanted emails. Whether you have one email account or more, Spam Inspector will work the same to block them from ever getting through.

Take a look at many of Spam Inspector's features:

1.. Updates filters based on global reports automatically
2.. Automatically approves senders from all Local Address Books, Contact folders, and Sent Items folders
3.. Integrates directly with Outlook, Outlook Express, IncrediMail, Eudora, and Hotmail in Internet Explorer
4.. Protects your privacy by removing tracking bugs from email
5.. Alerts you to hazardous virus containing emails
6.. Unique filtering profiles per user or family member
7.. Automatically removes close to 100% of unwanted and offensive email
8.. Protects you from illegal email scams and threats
9.. Self learns based on your incoming email
10.. Hides and deletes offensive images from pornographic Spam 11.. Blocks foreign language Spam
12.. Filters email from multiple email programs, and email accounts
13.. Bounces Spam back to the sender
14.. Powerful Spam reporting to government agencies and ISPs
15.. Alerts you when it is safe to unsubscribe from junk email lists

Have you ever sent back an email telling the sender that you want to "Unsubscribe?" Did you know that when you do some will go so far as to put your name on more junk email lists? Spam Inspector has partnered with SpamAbuse.Org to fight back even further! Now when you choose to unsubscribe or block any specific email sender, Spam Inspector will let you safely unsubscribe and cut down on the number of junk emails you receive from that source. All with one click Spam Inspector starts protecting you and your emails!

By using the Spam Inspector Toolbar you can add Friends (which tells Spam Inspector not to block those emails), add an Enemy (add the sender as a spammer), add an entire domain as a Friend or Enemy, tell Spam Inspector what is not Spam and what is Spam. From its Toolbar you can manage and train Spam Inspector to filter out words, phrases and train itself to your liking.

Spam Inspector may be the next best thing to come along since the very invention of email itself. But until any law comes into effect, whether or not the law will actually work, whether or not there are laws in your area, you have only one chance to fight those unwanted emails.. Spam Inspector!

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

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