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ApplyIt Travel Clock

Type of Program: Desktop Clock
Supported Platforms: Windows 9x/ME/XP
Company Name: ApplyIt! Software
Version: 1.2
Price: $14.95 USD
Installed Size: 159 kb


If you have family, friends or business contacts in other time zones, you need WorldTime Clock. It's a small utility that allows you to create multiple clocks/time zones right on your desktop. You can choose from digital or analog modes and there are also reminder and calendar features. Setting up a clock is easy with a simple three tab interface. After installing, WorldTime Clock places an icon in your system tray. Right clicking it presents you with an expandable menu with options for creating new clocks, showing or hiding clocks, synchronizing and access to the help file.

When you add a new clock it appears in the upper left corner of your desktop in digital mode with the system time as default. It's very small so you may not even notice that it has appeared. Not to worry though, you can drag it where you want it and you can drag the edge of the clock to resize it. Right clicking the clock gives you a menu for; setup, switching between digital and analog modes, hide clock, delete clock, synchronize and the reminder list.

Choosing setup opens the Properties dialog box with three tabs, General, Customize and Time. The General tab is where you configure the clock mode, whether it runs on startup, the time zone, time format and labeling. Time zones are chosen from a drop down list of seventy-five cities/time zones from around the world. Format lets you choose how the time will be displayed in digital mode with the default being hour,minute,second and a.m/p.m. Labeling lets you type in a name for the clock and there is a tick box for showing/hiding the label.

The Customize tab has options for setting the text color, background color or the ability to apply a Winamp skin. The skin option only works in digital mode and it only applies the base color of the skin but it's cool to have the clock match your Winamp player.

The Time tab accesses the synchronize function which is also available on the right click menus of the tray icon (global synchronizing of all your clocks)and the clock itself. Synchronizing adjusts the time by connecting to the Master Clock at the U.S. Naval Observatory so you must be connected to the internet for it to work.

The calendar is accessed by left clicking the clock and it shows the current day with a red circle and there are buttons to scroll through the months. If you have a reminder set, it makes that day bold.

The Reminders List lets you add visual and/or sound alarms. There are several built in sounds to choose from and you can add a note to the reminder as well. When the set time arrives, a reminder box pops up showing your note and with options to dismiss, open the reminder or set a snooze time. If you have sound enabled, it repeats every minute until dismissed or the snooze time is set.

I wish they would have made the larger analog clock the default when creating a new clock. The tiny default digital clock is hard to see since it's placed way up in the corner of the screen. I also wish there was an option to turn off "stay on top" rather than having to hide the clocks when opening other windows. Other than those two minor issues, this program performs well and I highly recommend it.

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User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Lain O'Siodhachain

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