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Xfrog Plants

Type of Program: Xfrog Add-On
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP
Company Name: Greenworks
Version: 3.5 Full
Price: $99 Each
Installed Size: 480MB


NOTE: The actual program for Xfrog is reviewed elsewhere on this site so to catch you up on what Xfrog is, and does, take a moment to read the following. When you want to design models of any type of plant life then Xfrog is your program! With Xfrog you have complete control over all aspects of the designing phases. You tell it what type of plant you want, how many branches it is to have (if you decide to create trees). You design the way the leaves are formed and bending in the wind. You decide which is the best orientation it should have with regards to the direction of the sun. In short, you are pretty much in total control! One note, do not mistake Xfrog for cheap imitations of other plant modeling software. It is a far cry from others and you should be prepared to spend some time with it in order to get all of its worth. Xfrog is simply great!

Take a closer look at Xfrog and see for yourself if it does not have everything you might need in creating either static plant models or animated models. You can build virtually anything that either is in nature, or something that maybe nature forgot. First off, Xfrog takes a different approach from other applications in that it uses a procedural graph networking system that then allows you to link many different components together. Each linked component can be built on a hierarchical tree where all those linked together affect each other. Whether you want to make a model of an exotic tree, a blossoming flower, or create an animation of a flower, Xfrog can do it!

Seeing how well Xfrog itself works there still may be a time when you want some pre-fabricated plant life. This is where this review comes in. There a number of Add-Ons that you can get from Greenworks. CDs that are full of pre-made models of 100's of different plants and tree life. They have plenty of different CDs available for $99 each. By looking at the many pre-made models you can get a good feel for how models are actually created. Check out their Web site for more information on these CDs as well as other software applications.

The collection I looked at here was Cacti and Succulents of the Southwestern USA. This volume contained twenty different species of Cacti and plant life often seen in, or around the Southwestern parts of the USA. Each model comes in three different variations that represent the young, the middle-aged and adult plant life. In each they had very high quality textures for leaves, branches, trunks and blossoms, and even the skins were included on the CD itself! With over 400MB of files on the CD you can visualize all you get with any of these collections!

Xfrog alone gives you everything you need in an efficient package to create virtually any type of organic plant life you want! Once you have Xfrog you may soon want to expand your models with any number of the CD collections available from their site. Xfrog and Xfrog Plant CD collections is the only way to grow!

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

Purchases can be made online from their Web site.

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