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AY Mail 2

Type of Program: Group Email
Supported Platforms: Win 95/98/ME/NT4+/2000/XP
Company Name: AY Software Corporation
Version: 2
Price: Free to $345.00
Installed Size: 950k


Lets get one thing straight right away. This is not a spammers tool (the number of recipients is limited). This is a program for sending out messages out to a group of people.

You might say "What do I need AY Mail for I can send out a bunch of emails with my present email program". The reason someone will use AY Mail is that you can personalize it in many ways:

You can send plain text or HTML messages.
You can easily import recipient list from nearly any source.
You can easily verify your addresses with a click of a button.
You can personalize your message with up to 500 data fields for each recipient.
You can add up to 20 binary attachments.
You can easily resend your message if something goes wrong.

I found AY Mail easy to setup and use. Which is saying something, because other programs of this type that I have tried were not intuitive. AY Mail is.

The amount of features that AY Mail has is phenomenal! Somewhere in their product line you are going to find the group email program for you. Actually I found the features in the free one just right for me.

In conclusion I heartily recomend AY Mail.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by The Wizard of Shareware

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