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Type of Program: Button Generator Utility
Supported platforms: Win 95/98/ME/NT/XP/2000
Company Name: Altuit, inc.
Version: 32
Price: 19.95
Installed Size: 2.4Mb


I have tried many button programs, some needed a six month course just to understand the help file, some were really easy to use but the end product was, shall we say, lacking. Some were pretty OK, quite easy to use and presentable results. Button Gadget builds buttons for websites, applications, and multimedia apps, with only a few mouse clicks. Files can be exported as JPG's with javascript or 32-bit PNG's with alpha channels ready for compositing. Button Gadget just blows them all away with its ease of use and really professional results. The designer of this program has obviously put some serious thought and work into this and it has paid off. The program has a superbly defined user interface in which there is no ambiguity, each button does what it says or shows, it is as clear as that. You can import button sets either from the constantly changing "Button Sets" online page or from any other source you care to choose. Once downloaded you can make use of the following features

  • Create multiple button states, including: normal, mouse over, mouse down and disabled.
  • Save you favorite ButtonSets with your settings
  • Export Image in JPG or PNG file formats.
  • Comes with multiple button templates (Button Sets) ready to use
  • More Button Sets available online which automatically download and install
  • Powerful editing tool allows full control over type fonts, style, color, hilights and even blurred shadows.
  • One button applies text changes to all button states
  • Customizable background colors
  • Transparent background option
  • Customizable positioning of button text on each button state
  • Antialiased text rendering
  • Build custom ButtonSets from scratch
  • Upload ButtonSets to our server to share with others
  • Automatically generates a two state normal and mouseover javascript
  • Can export buttons with icons to Runtime Revolution IDE
  • Customize filenames to suit your own naming conventions
  • 15-day free trial version

For amazingly easy, fast and professional results this is the program to have.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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