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Type of Program: Web Browser Plus
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/NT4/ME/2000/XP
Company Name: Stilesoft Inc.
Version: 7.1.0 BETA 2
Price: $29.95
Installed Size: 1.5 Mb


First of all NetCaptor requires that IE is installed (though you don't have to use it).

The installation of NetCaptor was easy. It's default installation directory is where you would expect it to be. Also it lets you put it's files where you want them if you choose not use the default. It is also very user friendly in that it gives you choices as to where you want shortcuts installed. It also automatically imports your IExplorer favorites. A nice touch. It also gives you the option to make it your default browser.

The downloaded program is a 15 day trial version.

Do you have $29.95? If no is the answer go out and beg, borrow, or steal it to buy NetCaptor! This is the ultimate in web browsers!

It has a multi-tabbed interface that has been copied by Opera and others. If you haven't tried a browser with it you are in for a really pleasant experience.

That is only the start. It has search options that are frankly amazing, Security options that you can change easily, plus all kinds of handy buttons and shortcut features that you will really appreciate. Here are some of them. It has a Popup tool to help you deal with those pesky things. It has Mouse Gestures:
Mouse gestures are quick mouse movements that make common browser navigation tasks easy. In NetCaptor, gestures are performed by depressing the right/alternate mouse button, performing the action, and then releasing the mouse button.

The following gestures are supported:

LEFT - Go back one page in your navigation stack
RIGHT - Go forward one page in your navigation stack
UP then DOWN - refresh the active browser
DOWN - new browser (uses new default)
DOWN then UP - new browser tab at current location
DOWN then RIGHT - close the active browser tab
UP then LEFT - switch to the previous browser tab (left)
UP then RIGHT - switch to the next browser tab (right)
DOWN, RIGHT, then UP - close all browser tabs

These can be really handy after a bit of practice. There are also extensive keyboard shortcuts. It also has a handy tool called CaptorGroups. With it you can open a whole group of url's at the same time. NetCaptor also gets rid of popups for you.

Well I think that you now know enough about NetCaptor to get an idea of whether or not you want to download it.. There are more features. But I have just one final thing to tell you. This is the best Web Browser there is, bar none!

Try It! Buy It!

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by The Wizard of Shareware

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