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 Eagle Waterfall

 Type of program: Screensaver
Supported platforms: Win 95/98/XP
Company name: MegascreenSavers
Version: 1.0
Cost: $1
Installed size: 2.8 Mb


 There is a waterfall and an eagle-guess that's why they call it Eagle Waterfall. After that I'm not sure what all is in the picture. There are horses, and butterflies, but what is really driving me nuts is the black thing. So far, from asking several friends I've gotten votes for a camera with a face, a wood burning stove, a critter on a tree stump, and several "I don't know".

The image is done in done like a drawing as opposed to photo type pictures. Registering it gets rid of the scrolling nag line.

There are no options besides mute sound.

Ease of Installation:
Sound & graphics:
Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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