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Type of Program: Graphics
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/2000
Company Name: SciCepts Engineering
Version: 2
Price: $89.95
Installed Size: 5MB


ImageDIG (short for Image Digitizer) really has been greatly improved with this second version. With it you are able to convert many 2D images into actual 3D raw data (surface or contour plots into real numbers). You can also convert data such as graphs into a 2D image (ASCII) for further analysis. Thirdly, you can use ImageDIG as your all-purpose plotting application. In this manner you are able to import 2D data such as described briefly above, or import data from either a one column or two-column file. Using any of these three ways you can then in a variety of ways take that data for much further analysis.

So what does all this mean? For instance you could take an image of say a stock market graph (the image) and have ImageDIG run a series of analytical analysis on it and have it be plotted in a number of graphs (Pie, Charts, Linear, etc). Imagine now what you could do with this data! Take a scanned image and have ImageDIG convert it to an ASCII data file and plot it out as well.

Let's break each of these "modules" of the program down like this: THE 3D IMAGE DIGITIZER This allows you to convert virtually any 2D image format (BMP, JPG, etc) or even from your scanner into a 3D graph. Using this data (graph), you are then able to take this data a view it and save it to a file in the comma delimited format. After this is accomplished you can then import the data a third party program such as Excel, etc. to further analyze it. Ever wonder what your picture or signature looked like plotted out in a graph? Now's your chance.

THE 2D IMAGE DIGITIZER Similar to above, this section of the program allows you to convert images to ASCII data and again, be imported into third party programs. Take a scanned image or section of it and plot it out and then import the data elsewhere. If you have an image ready to be plotted and notice some scratches that may interfere with the points of the final plot, you can always use the built-in Bitmap Editor to clean it up.

2D ANALYSIS PLOTTER Here you are able to import files as either a single column (Y) or a two column (X, Y) format. You can superimpose any two file sets over each other on the graph, measure the distance between any two points, print the data, save the plot file and much more.

Would you be able to use ImageDIG? Well let's say for example that you are in the stock markets or a banker and want to analyze some data . . .crunch the numbers. Take any chart and convert it into some "real" numbers that you can further analyze and look at! Many may find a great use for it by taking your Cartography Map and convert as well into some real numbers. These are just two examples of how you may find a use for ImageDIG. Look around and see what else and how else you may find ways to get some real use of ImageDIG.

So how does Version 2 size up? If you ever need to "dig" any data out of any image, from graphical images to photos of light sources such as laser, electron/ion beams, to spectrums. There is no limit on the type of image you can convert to 3D! This one deserves another look if you have not done so as yet. It also ranks another star so take a look soon.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

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