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Window Power tools

Type of program Optimization Suite
Platform supported Win95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP
Company Name Digital Millenium Software, Inc
Power tools version 4.7 (new)
Price $49.95 us


Digital Millenium takes 2 of its other products, Memzilla, and Windows Security toolkit adds dozens of optimization tools, and 51 security changes to form the pricey Window Power Tools. It is a very slick GUI that walks the novice through the minefield of tcp optimization, security strengthening, and memory management. It handles most of its functions well and was stable on a very new and very old machine. Dr Salman sits in your system tray ready to free up memory, improve your download speed and improve windows performance.

This installation of this suite of utilities was painless. The suite includes hyperwindow, hypernet, quick accelerator, memzilla, security toolkit, and cd antinuisance.

The suite includes Memzilla a feature to recover wasted fragmented ram which worked well. It recovered 5% on a machine with 512mb and it has a small (8-10 Megs) footprint. .

The hyperwindow showed some increase in windows speed but hypernet showed the most increases in performance of 20%  on a PIV and 30% on an old PII.. The security toolkit had 5 sections to tighten up your machines security from disabling file sharing across the network to fixing the dhcp security bug in 9x, NT, 2K.

Most if not all (it was only a 7 day trial) features worked as advertised but I found frequent rebooting to turn a service on or off to be mildly frustrating. I think that Power Windows Tools to be a good solid program priced a little high

User Friendly
Installation ease
Reviewed By ZiGZaG

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