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Client Search

Type of Program: Web site utility
Supported Platforms: Cross Platform
Company Name: Rhino Software
Version: 1.0
Price: 19.99
Installed Size: 38K


This is a nice piece of software which will have webmasters smiling worldwide.

Site search software can be a nightmare especially if your ISP charges for server side processing. This program is a client side web site search facility that can be added to web pages and give you that search facility on the client side. Webmasters can limit the search to nominated files or set it to spider site wide. Because Client Search is a Java applet it doesnít need CGI facilities and can, therefore, be used on CD Rom. Ideal for those catalogues and directories.

Features include:
* Small file size for quick Applet download and initialization
* Small web page footprint
* Requires no CGI or server side utilities
* Webmaster may replace user messages with their own messages. This enables alternative languages to be supported to suit the target audience.
* Webmaster selectable colours to match corporate colour scheme of the Applet and search report
* Search report may have a webmaster configured background image
* AND OR boolean searches
* The web master can direct the search report to a frame or pop up window
* Case insensitive search
* Limit search to webmaster defined files or spider search
* Detailed information available to enable the Applet to be configured
* Example configurations available to copy

The Applet can be configured to suit the web site look and feel. It allows colours, font and background image to be configured. It also allows text messages to be changed allowing the web master the option of presenting searches in a language that suits the target audience. Finally, the Applet may provide its search report to the user either in a pop up window or within a HTML frame.

Easy to install and easy to use with comprehensive instructions itís well worth the money.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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