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EZ OS Install

Type of Program: HDD/System Utility
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP
Company Name: PCHelpLive
Version: Combo
Price: $19.99 (As of this review)
Installed Size: 1.8MB


I found this great little application that does a lot and thought many of you techies may be interested in this as well. If you have ever had to install Operating Systems over and over again or had to setup these systems over a Network than you will really like EZ OS Install. I have never seen or used anything so beneficial and easy!

With EZ OS Install you too can have the ability to create a "hands-free," automated, installation disks that will automate your job in partitioning and installing any of Microsoft's Windows Operating Systems. This is a very user-friendly program so you can begin immediately. Let's look at its Features and then we can see just how you may begin using it right away:

Its features include:

1.. You can specify your own IDE CD-ROM driver if your hardware requires it
2.. Save your setup files to create more disks later
3.. Fully automation and creation and formatting of the C: Drive and partition for you
4.. Convert your C: Drive to NTFS automatically after the installation of a 2000 or XP Operating System
5.. Install your own personal or business OEM information including logo to system properties
6.. Automate the creation of a new computer name every time the disk is used to install an Operating System (such as installing on/for a Network)
7.. Fully automated and Copying of the OS installation files (CABs) to the hard drive before installation
8.. Grab the information from your current computer system to help build an installation disk
9.. Create bootable CD-ROMS

How you use it depends on many of your needs. Let's look at a typical usage first. When the program launches you can create a simple installation disk by simply entering your name or the name of the owner of the computer. You then can enter the company name if you'd like as well as the computer name. The computer name of course is how your computer will be recognized on a LAN so this name should be unique to any other computers already on the Network. Once this information is entered you are now ready to enter the Product Key. This Key will be automatically entered when the actual install of the OS continues on the computer itself. You then will select a Version of the Windows you will ultimately be installing (98, 98SE, 2000 Pro, 2000 Server/Advanced, XP Home/Pro or ME). Once that is done you simply click on the "Create Disk" button, place a floppy in your drive and let EZ OS Install finish the rest of creating your installation disk. Once the installation disk has been created you just boot on this disk and let EZ OS Install do the rest!

This is for the typical creation of your installation disk. To go even further, you will click on the "Enable Advanced Options" to open up many more areas to choose from. With the Advanced features you will enter the same information as outlined above as well as the Time Zone, your installation Directory, a Workgroup, and an Administrator's Password. The Hard Drive Setup gives you the options of copying all of the CAB files onto the target PC along with whether or not to "wipe" and partition the hard drive as well as converting the OS to NTFS.

While still in the Advanced Options you can choose your installation type with the OEM options. This allows you to enter personal information and a logo of your choice when a user views System Properties in an operating system. A feature I really like is the "Disable Warnings" options as this really does make the installation truly automated. When setting up most any OS on a PC you will always encounter screens that require you, the user to press some type of key to continue. These types of installations require you to always be present or strapped nearby. By enabling this option you will not be prompted to do so and your install will be fully automatic! Boot on the installation disk and after a very short time, walk away and forget the rest! Of course, you will also not be prompted before it wipes your hard drive, if selected under the hard drive options so be sure this is what you want to use!

Bottom line: EZ OS Install really is "ea-sy!" You may soon wonder how you ever got along without it. Not only does it save you time but also it should be in your software library now. There are several versions available so visit their site and see which one you can most benefit from. No doubt once you've seen the versions you will soon select the Combo or Pro Version for all of its great features and low, low prices!

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

Purchases can be made online from their Web site and MUST BE purchased BEFORE you can download.

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