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IDpack Plus

Type of Program: Badge/ID card - printing
Supported Platforms: Windows 98/NT 4.0/2000/XP/Me
Company Name: SOHO-iT inc
Version: 6.5
Price: $299.00
Installed Size: 5.5 Mb


Yeah it costs a lot of money. But if your company is of any size at all you will probably find that IDpack pays for itself with the first or second production you make.

There are basically two different parts to the IDpack Plus. There is the IDpack Designer and the IDpack Producer. In the Designer you do all the layout of your badge or ID card. That is where you set up your fields that will later be used by the Producer. The first thing is to set up how you actually want the design elements like borders and graphics. Then setup the fields that the Producer will later use for each card. The things like where you want a photo of the individual person to be. The persons last name, first name address etc. You can also setup a bar code field too.

I hope that you are getting the picture here. This is a professional product here that can save companies and schools a bundle of money down the road.

Okay so you have your badge/ID card setup. Then you go into the IDpack Plus Producer. This is where you can make individual cards. There you put in the information in the fields you setup in the IDpack Designer. You can do this either by making cards one at a time or feed a database into it. Then print them out. The only limitation on printing speed is your printer.

In conclusion. If you are a school or company that uses badges or ID cards IDpack Plus is going to save you money by you being able to make professional products in house. It is easy to setup and use. Take it for a 30 day trial. You won't be disappointed.

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Reviewed by Howard Jewell

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