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Type of Program: Systems/Printer Utility
Supported Platforms: Windows 9.x/2000/XP
Company Name: Blue Squirrel
Version: 1.01
Price: $18.95
Installed Size: 10MB


Here's another nice, little application that helps when you need it. This program is aptly called "Click2PDF." This program does pretty much what its name implies. It creates PDF documents for you at the click of a few mouse buttons. The best part? You do not need high-end, expensive software to do it! Click2PDF creates your industry standard PDF document in black and white or color that you can then give, or send to others. You can include watermarks, footers, headers, as well as personal information such as the author, title and a subject in your final document if you wish.

Briefly here's how it works. If you were typing a letter through your favorite word processor or creating a spectacular spreadsheet you would simply click File Print. When your Printer's Dialog box opened up you would select the Click2PDF as your printer. Yes, it really is just that easy! Click2PDF allows you to create virtually any file into a PDF file from in essence any application. If your application allows you to "Print" from it, Click2PDF will create it. If you can print, you can Click2PDF.

When you install Click2PDF it will add a virtual printer alongside your other printers in addition to its own drivers. Don't worry, Click2PDF does not crash any other currently installed drivers. When you're ready to make that PDF document simply print to the Click2PDF printer. You can open several applications or print several pages at a time to Click2PDF since Click2PDF stores your current jobs in a queue. Later you can go through your print jobs, add a watermark or header and presto, you have your PDF file! For convenience sake Click2PDF can launch and send you to your email program (Outlook, Outlook Express or Eudora) with your attached PDF file, ready to send.

I tried this program in several different ways and in several different programs and found it to be one that I will most likely be using over and over. You never know when you'll need Click2PDF and it will be there when you need it. This is a great addition to your software library and will come in handy just when you need it. The price is considerably far less than other software programs that do essentially the same thing and support is great.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

Purchases can be made online from their Web site.

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