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Starcom CD Manager

Type of Program : Utility
Supported Platforms : Win ?
Company / Author's Name : StarcoM / A. Said Kurt
Version : 1.0
Price 13.49 $
Installed size : 37.9 MB


This program is supposed to allow you to batch together any files you want to burn to CD. However, the homepage warns you that as the program is buggy, you must download the update at the same time. Unfortunately, it seems to be an invalid archive (I tried on both Win 98SE and Win XP home).

I tried to run the program anyway; it allows you to select your language from English, German or Turkish. The English translation is so bad I struggled for ages and eventually worked it out for myself, only to be disappointed by a confusing interface.

This one needs to be improved significantly if the author ever hopes to 'be a contender'. Dreadful.

Performance : 0 (Much faster to drag and drop directly into a burner)
User Friendly : 0 (Maybe it's better in the other languages; unfortunately, I don't speak either.)
Cost : 0 (You must be kidding)
Ease of installation :
Support : (For having any kind of support section)
Reviewed by Lina

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