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Type of Program: Flash Utility
Supported Platforms: Windows 9.x/2000/XP
Company Name: Triple W Communications
Price: $27.00
Version: 2.0
Installed Size: 1.5MB


Anim-FX is a program that allows you to create Flash enabled banners, intros, etc. for your Web site. It has fifty-two pre-built Flash Templates to work with. While these Templates are nice it also allows you to adjust the speed in which the effects take place. Anim-FX only allows you to enter text, at least in the Demo Version so we will look at, and describe the features found in this Version.

When creating your Flash you are only allowed five lines of text to work with. You can adjust the placement of where you want your text (X, Y, Z Positions), and you can add hyperlinks to the banner you create. You also have your usual other attributes you can adjust such as background color, the color of the text, etc. It has a placement to adjust the volume but I never found where, or how to insert any sounds in the Demo Version.

Overall I found Anim-FX to be good if you are just beginning in this venue of creating Flash enabled Web sites, in the entry-level area, and need a program to do most all your work. I don't think this is something you would want if you have any type of experience in working with Flash or animation already. The Demo is very limited in that you cannot Save any of your work (which is "okay" for a Demo I guess), you cannot Save any of your text, and you cannot Preview (though as you select the various Templates it previews it then), so I don't know what the Preview button actually does. I would have to assume that it Previews your banner in an actual HTML page. The Demo is so limited that there is not even a Help file, so you're on your own, which may not be good if you are a true beginner or you must visit their Web site for any help.

Anim-FX was hard to judge in our categories seeing how it is limited. For example, it is hard to decide how to judge its merits on the Performance issues when you can't really see how it performs with real-world applications.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

Purchases can be made online from their Web site.

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