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Type of Program:  Email Client
Supported Platforms:  Windows 98/ME/NT 4/2000/XP
Company Name:  Poco Systems Inc
Version:  3.0
Price:   $34.95
Installed Size:  8 Mb


PocoMail does not install any files into your system directory, including any DLL files,  making it easy to move between different folders, drives and even computers, and ensures that all your program settings and accounts are preserved whenever you backup the PocoMail folder.  Because PocoMail does not utilize Internet Explorer HTML rendering engine at all in the program, it shields you from common Internet Explorer exploits that can expose your computer to security problems just by reading an email message.  You can simply copy the complete Poco folder to another PC or laptop; or you can just restore certain files and folders from a backup:  for example:  In the program folder, just copy ACCOUNTS.INI (account information), POCO.INI (preferences), FILTERS.INI (setup filters), and the MAIL folder (names of mailboxes).  You can also copy your user data in the MAIL, ADDRESS BOOK, and TEMPLATE folders as set up in Options-Directory Locations.

Multiple Email Accounts (unlimited) can be set up, with access to POP, APOP or IMAP servers to retrieve mail and SMTP server to send mail.  Compose Mail has a drop-down box to choose which email account to send mail from (you are not locked into using the default email account).  PocoMail can check for mail automatically at specified intervals, and you can choose a custom sound to alert you of new mail.  

CSV format is recommended for exporting your Address Book from Outlook.  Import into PocoMail can be a little frustrating, but a little trial and error should get it done without having to re-enter all the information from scratch.  Once that is done, any new address can be added to your address book with a handy "+" button in the headers.

Address books are automatically used as white-lists.  Potential junk mail is easily identified by red exclamation marks, and a right-click will send email senders or domains to a permanent spam filter.  PocoMail can launch your virus scanner automatically on any email attachment received, or you can specify certain file types that would initiate your virus scanner.  

PocoMail has spell-as-you-type mail composition.  Messages are automatically saved to Draft at regular time intervals while you are composing a message - if your power goes out while you are composing a long message, it can be found later in the Draft mailbox.  You can also manually save a message to the Draft mailbox at any time during composition.  Templates can be easily created, allowing you to quickly compose repetitive messages.

Folders and sub-folders are easily created, with drag-drop capability between each.  Filters can be created to automatically direct new emails to specific folders.  Messages can be quickly marked with your choice of color for later action.  Messages can be set to threaded view, so that you can follow ongoing conversations of related messages.

PocoMail's comprehensive set of program options lets you fine tune PocoMail to your exact needs.  

I never thought I would do it, but I have finally replaced Outlook as my email client.  My Outlook Address Book is no longer available for redirection of email by hackers.  PocoMail does not understand either VBScript or JavaScript which are used to write email viruses, so it will never get infected by such a virus for redirection of email.

I love the PocoMail interface, and its ease of use hooked me immediately.  The trial version is fully functional for 45 days, after which you can still view existing email, but you will no longer be able to send new messages.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Nell Lennard

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