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Type of Program: HTML Editor
Supported Platforms: Win98/ME/NT 4x/XP/2000
Company Name: MercurySoftworks
Price: $25
Installed Size: 1.47mb


Great little HTML program! Very user friendly, with a lot of pre-written tags ready for easy insertion of other objects. Installation was a breeze, the help files are pretty basic. This program in my opinion, is for users with a little bit of html knowledge upwards to the experts. Plenty of tools and templates to choose from.

One quirk I noticed: Ctrl + Z and the undo in the edit dropdown don't work on pre-written tags, only on what you physically type in yourself. A couple of typo's here and there within the program to watch for aswell - ie to insert a link.. it comes up as: <a href='file1.html'>Click here</a>, and the dropdown menu on right click is filled with question marks (??) so you have to nut out from the icons what options you have.

The toolbar can be customized with a background of your choice, nice little extra if you like to personalize everything.

It also has unique system of inserting mail links protected from spam scanners.

The program promises to produce web pages that will be viewable in just about all browsers. All in all I give this 4 stars for use - primarily because for a new user to open up this program with little or no html knowledge, it would be pretty hard to use to start with. Worth a look!

The downloaded shareware version is limited to 10 trial runs.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Sandra Pyke

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