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Type of Program: Texture maker
Supported Platforms: Win98+
Company Name: Spiral Graphics
Price: $135.00
Installed Size: 12mb


For seamless textures this is the business. Genetica makes creating seamless textures a very simple process. Using a node based engine and one of over 200 presets to start you off you can add and edit nodes in any order you want. One excellent feature is that you can re-render the end result in a different resolution so if you started off in 256x256 and realised you need 512x512 half way through it's no problem and Genetica can render textures up to 3000x3000. The end result is very high quality seamless graphics.

The more you use it, the smarter Genetica gets. This is because any textural work you do can be added directly to Genetica's interface for easy re-use in future projects. Time you invest in a current texturing project can be leveraged in future projects, making Genetica a very efficient development platform. Use Genetica to squeeze extra mileage out of your preexisting portfolio of bitmap textures. An image can be imported into any part of a Genetica texture tree, allowing you to enhance existing textures with an endless variety of seamless effects.

Very easy to use with a good help file and an excellent time saver in graphics creation you should download the trial version, you will want to buy it.

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Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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