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Namo WebEditor 6 suite

Type of Program: Website Creator
Supported Platforms: Windows 98/Me/NT 4/XP/2000
Company Name: S J Namo Interactive Inc
Version: 6
Price: $99.00 (boxed) $89.00 (download)


This program is awesome. Namo WebEditor6 is as complete a website creation package as you could wish for. The ease of use is a strong feature of this software and gives both amateurs and professionals the capability of producing high class websites for a relatively low cost. Not only is it an HTML editor it also has a WYSIWIG only mode or split view. In addition there are extra programs which are WebBoard, which is a comprehensive and easy to use bulletin board builder and WebCanvas which is a vector based web graphic drawing tool optimised for use with Namo WebEditor6 suite. Then there is Namo Gif Animator, Namo Image Slicer and Namo Capture. All these are included!!

The main HTML/WYSIWIG program is packed with features which are accessible through the easy to use interface which, considering the amount packed in, is neat and uncluttered and intuitive. It has a huge amount of features including script wizards, photo album creation with automatic thumbnails, templates, HTML tidy, iframe support, floating boxes, site tree, asset library, table cell rollovers, site wizard etc. etc. In short it is the definitive "Swiss Army Knife" of web design, there is a tool for just about anything you could wish for and it is remarkably easy to use. With this software you can: Plan and manage your Web site with enhanced Site Manger, create a complete, ready-to-customize site in seconds with the Site Wizard, build the site tree easily with the improved site map and nodes and instantly upload selected files to your Web server with the Quick Publish command.

Priced at $99.00 boxed it is very good value for money considering what you get.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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