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Flip Words

Type of Program: Word Game
Supported Platforms: Win98/ME/NT 4x/XP/2000
Company Name: HipSoft
Version: 1.1
Price: $19.95
Installed Size: 5 Mb


Hold onto your seat! You are in for quiet a ride. Flip Words is one great game. It is educational (our son is learning to spell), it is mentally challenging and a whole bunch of fun. Not to mention the great graphics and sounds.

Take a look at this screenshot.

With the letters in those red circles you have to make words by connecting adjacent letters together. You click on the letters in turn to make the word. Then you click on the "Submit Word" button. Got it so far? Good. Now the first letter of each word you make will go up above to make up the phrase there. That is of course if that letter is in the phrase. At any point you can guess what the phrase up there is. To go onto the next round you have to complete that phrase.

You score accumulates from round to round. However as you continue you get less and less turns to complete the phrase. Can't complete the phrase? You lose.

There are more parts of the game that make it exciting like the Free letters and the Double and Triple letters, but I'll let you discover about them yourself.

When you finally lose you can then compare your score to what others have scored. When I looked there I got the feeling after looking at those scores that some of those people don't have a life beyond Flip Words :). Hey I can understand that.

Addictive? No not at all. The first time my wife, our son and I played we only played for five hours straight. Then we had to eat dinner before we could continue.

In conclusion. If you don't just love Flip Words, I'll eat your hat!

Try It. Buy It!

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Reviewed by Joe Tex

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