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Type of Program: Email client
Supported Platforms: Windows 9x/2000/ME/XP
Company Name: InterVations, Inc.
Version: 6.01
Price: $39.95
Installed Size: 4.3 Mb


The MailCOPA people really know how to make the installation of a program easy. Of course though they do let you put the program files anywhere you want them too. During the install MailCOPA finds your default email address and email account settings for you and walks you right through the setup effortlessly. A really nice touch. Especially for the novice user.

The trial version is good for 15 days.

Okay lets get this straight right off though MailCOPA is easy to setup and run that doesn't mean that it is just a basic run of the mill email client. No siree MailCOPA is as good for the novice user as for the advance. The interface is pleasing and effective, but I'm sure that the feature you will probably like the best is MailCOPA's ability to deal with Spam. MailCOPA uses a new system of spam-detecting heuristics that will identify most if not all of the Spam on your email server and place it in a special Spam folder so that at your leisure you can look at the subject lines and delete it. Of course this method allows you to rescue email that may have gotten in there by mistake.

The advanced features that MailCOPA has will make the advanced user droll! You can do filtering for each folder, you can have different identifies and users. You can really customize MailCOPA so that it works the way you want it to. There also is a really good address book too. It even has special methods of use for the person who travels so that they don't have to do all kinds of reconfiguration. And listen I'm only scratching the surface here about all of the features that MailCOPA has.

In conclusion if you want a really good fully featured email client that is easy to setup, easy to use, deals with Spam and yet has advanced features, look no further.

Try It! Buy It!

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Reviewed by Joe Tex

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