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Type of Program: System Management Tool
Supported Platforms: Windows NT/2000/XP/Server 2003
Company Name: Executive Software
Version: 3.0
Price: $29.50
Installed Size: 30Mb


Okay during the install if you don't have the Microsoft .NET Framework you will be given the opportunity to install it. Of course since Sitekeeper requires it you have to install it. You have to be on the internet to do this since it is downloaded. (It is 23 Mb). After the .NET is installed Sitekeeper does it's install. You can either do a complete install or custom. The only difference is in the Custom install you can put the program files where you want them.

When you first start Sitekeeper you will be given the choice of using an existing SQL server or MSDE (Microsoft Desktop Engine). If you don't have an existing SQL server or the MSDE installed Sitekeeper will guide you through the download and installation. (28.7 Mb) (If you get the cd all of this stuff is on it.)

After that part it is all a breeze. You enter your password for the database, set up a password for Sitekeeper then start running the program.

Sitekeeper will then access the computers on your network that you specify. In other words you do not have Sitekeeper access all of them. Then it will gather information about all of the software on the network. Then you make a report of this information. You can then enter all of the license information of the software. You can enter the name of the licensee, serail number, purchase date, expire date and notes. You can do License Compliance reports too. Lets say that you have a 50 user license for Microsoft Office 2003 and you enter 50 licenses on the Manage Software Licenses page, Sitekeeper will always show how many licenses you have used and how many are left. Cool huh?

Not only then do you have a record of the software data on the network, you can easily install or uninstall software, updates, upgrades, and patches which are logo-compliant for Windows 2000 and XP or Microsoft-Installer-compliant, on licensed computers throughout your network from a central location.

You can print out reports too.

In conclusion Sitekeeper does a really good job, the setup is easy and the price is tremendous!

Try It! Buy It!

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Reviewed by Joe Tex

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