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OdysseySuite Small Business Edition

Type of Program: Accounting
Supported Platforms: Windows XP/2Kx
Company Name: Megasol Technologies
Version: 4.0.668
Price: $325
Installed Size: 21 Mb


First of all lets get a few things straight. This is not a program for balancing your checkbook. This is software for a company that wants an integrated solution for all of their accounting needs. And I do mean all. This is going to be the software that is going to save your company real time and money. This is an approach to accounting needs that no one has taken before.

After you download the OdysseySuite Small Business Edition unzip the file and look at the Installation Guide. There is valuable information in there that will help you make the appropriate choices during the install. If you don't you will miss the default login and password. (You will find one in the Help too)

The demo version is a fully functionally copy of OdysseySuite SBE, with the limitation that in certain places you are only allowed to add 50 records, and you are limited to a single user environment.

Lets take a look at the features of OdysseySuite Small Business Edition. I'm going to briefly tell you about them here, but you really have to go Here to see them all and then make a decision as to which version is going to be best for your company.

Company contacts are all integrated into OdysseySuite along with correspondence.
Account Receivables with general ledger integration and partial payment handling.
Payables includes general ledger integration and partial payment handling.
Inventory features include General ledger integration, Electronic items (Downloadable files), Price lists, Supplier price list, Warehouses, and WebShop integration.
Services includes General ledger integration and price lists.
Sales order includes invoice / receivables integration and back order processing.
Time tracking includes invoice / receivables integration.
Invoicing includes late payment invoicing and receivables integration.
Accounting features general ledger with budget and journal series.
WebShop includes contact us, news letters, news section, and statistics.

There are also security features, dual languages (Swedish and English) and of course network features.

Another set of features that many users will find useful is that receivables, inventory, and payables can be either stand alone or linked. One feature that really impressed me is the ability to compartmentalize division or different companies data in many different ways

In conclusion OdysseySuite will integrate all of your companies data into one place. With the number of packages available you will find one that is the best for you.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Jean Kritz

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