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Shark Visions

Type of program: Screensavers
Supported platforms: Win 98/ME/2000/XP
Company name: Atlantis 3D Inc.
Version: 2.0
Cost: $14.95
Installed size: 13 MB


This screensaver gives you a scuba diverís view roaming around a stylized old sunken galleon. Iíll tell ya 2 things I love about the author of this program, [besides a really beautiful screensaver]. When you are roaming around settings, and you start to wonder, hmm wonder what would happen if I push this-there is a description on the bottom that tells you info and just what would happen if you pushed this button, including the fact the certain parts of the screensaver are not made for a 20 year old computer with an Acme video card....beep beep. [if you didnít get the reference never mind Iím too old for you and would lose too much in the translation] Anyway that is very convenient.

The 2nd thing I like is this. The first couple of times you installed software everyone glanced over/read carefully the Licence Agreement in that screen of the installation where you have to check yes I agree, or the install quits, right? Ok after the first couple of times how many still read it all each time you install something? Oh come on be honest, I think there is a form letter that comes with screensaver-maker software cause they all say the same thing in not quite heavy legal language, but not the way everyone talks. Well, as I was installing the program, I got to that screen, saw License Agreement, and started to click next and something caught my eye. I stopped, checked the phrase in the middle of the paragraph that had caught my eye, and when I stopped giggling I went to the beginning and read it all. Nope Iím not telling you what it says, I will just say this; itís funny, worth taking a moment to look at, and if the kids see it you donít need to worry, itís not nasty. After that, itís a surprise!

Under settings there are 3 tabs. The one labeled scenes allows fixed camera [for older video cards] moving camera [for everyone else] camera speed, scene timer, and there are 2 scenes to choose and/or preview-galleon and reef. Under settings is a sound and music volume, fog level, ambient light, and settings for caustic lighting and shadows. Under misc are 4 choices, Iím not going to bother with at the moment, I have no idea what bumpmapping [no I didnít misspell that] or Good Rays are. The last tab is sharks. [oops found a button it didnít explain says shark population custom default] Anyway there are 7 sharks and clicking on each shark on the bottom right side will give you an animated picture of that shark in settings, and a brief description-where they from etc. The demo version, doesnít give you all the sharks, looks like you get 4 and not the Great White.

Anyway, there is a scuba diver in both scenes, although you see him more in the reef. There are other fish in the reef scene, I didnít notice them in the galleon scene. The graphics are fantastic. When the hammerhead started to check out the camera, I flinched...good thing it wasnít a great white! And in reef when the shark swam after the diver I wanted to turn my head and see what was happening.

Check out the demo, folks-this one is definitely a keeper!

Ease of Installation:
Sound & graphics:
Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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