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Type of Program: HTML wysiwyg Editor
Supported platforms: Windows 9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP
Company Name: Virtual Mechanics Inc.
Version: 2.01
Price: $49.00 US
Installed Size: 4.59 MB


This is how website design should be easy and stress free. SiteSpinner is an all in one website producer, you don't need editing software, graphics software or ftp software it's all included. Nor do you need any knowledge of HTML, this is a true WYSIWYG html editor. It's as easy as drag and drop. The program is packed with features such as:

Graphics Creation - Create graphics, shapes, backgrounds Image editing - Shading, color enhancement, transparency, thumb-nails Positioning and Sizing - Centering and/or scaling objects or your whole page Text Editor - Spell Checking, Link Editing and Link Management Table Editor - Quick, easy, drag-and-drop Tables iFrames - Like frames, only better Import Objects - Add Audio, Video, Flash to your site. Special FX - Mouse-over effects and more Publishing - No need for an FTP program, SiteSpinner V2 has one built-in

Also included are 15 excellent hands-on tutorials covering the features including a "Fast Start" tutorial to get you going straight away. You will find it remarkably easy to use within a very short time and there is nothing to make even the greenest of newbies afraid of this program. If you are stuck, even after consulting the comprehensive help, file there is a SiteSpinner forum where you can ask for help and find a wealth of information from experienced users and novices alike.

For novices and experienced web designers alike this is a program you should have on your machine.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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