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FlipAlbum Suite

Type of Program: Photo Album Generator
Supported Platforms: Windows XP/ME/2000 /NT/98/95
Company Name: E-Book Systems
Version: 5.5
Price: $59.95 (Boxed) $54.95 (Download)
Download Size: 23.1mb


 This program just gets better and better. Already well established as the benchmark for photo albums that all album creation authors should aim for Flip Album has improved yet again.

New features include a Quick Start Wizard to make it even easier to create albums, A theme Creator to create your own themes for any occasion with your favorite front and back cover, book and page background, multiple selection of objects on page, Undo/Redo function, hide/unhide entries on the Overview/Contents/Index pages and includes Grids, guides and ruler for alignment and layout of objects and text on album pages.

The realistic 3D Page-Flipping gives you a natural and intuitive viewing experience and you can preview an individual image in full screen mode as well as hold album pages and hold and compare contents of different album pages. The program also auto composes both contents and index pages as well as allowing you to add clear bookmarks to different chapters or sections. Positioning of photos can either be auto-aligned or moved and placed with pixel precision by dragging or nudging with the arrow keys. There is also a built in image editor as well as facilities for annotation, transparency and a range of borders etc. E-Book systems also do an optional FlipAlbum Design Library with more than 2000 professionally designed themes, borders, frames and MP3 clips which is well worth the purchase price of $29.95 per volume. Albums you create can be either uploaded or put on CD so you can share with your friends and family.

I don't have space here to describe the many, many features in this program but you can find them at If you are looking to purchase photo album software, stop looking you just found it!

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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