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Jigsaws Galore

Type of Program: Electronic Jigsaw Creator
Supported Platforms: Windows All
Authors Name: David Gray
Version: Direct Download Version 5.1
Price: $25.00
Installed Size: 2mb


Every now and again I come across a program that is an absolute delight to use. Jigsaws Galore is one of them. The first thing you notice is the intuitive user interface, always a good sign of ease of use and no exception in this case. The program comes with 10 pre-made jigsaws for you to do all of which are customisable. You can alter the size and shape of the pieces, have the whole image of the jigsaw as a muted background just like using the lid of a jigsaw box, use resizable trays to construct a particular part of the jigsaw separately, options to sort the pieces, change pieces texture to wood or metal etc, add music, set a time limit, make a screensaver or wallpaper and there are even cheat facilities. Jigsaws Galore also allows you to create your own jigsaws from images with all the above options and set the number of pieces in the jigsaw.

After the pleasure of using the main this software I discovered what I thought was a really nice touch by the author. I noticed a button in the File Menu marked "Save as gift" and discovered it is a feature where you can save a jigsaw you have created and email it to a friend or relative as a single exe file which contains the fully playable jigsaw, you don't need to download Jigsaws Galore to be able to play it. A lot of authors would have sold that facility as a plug in but it is included in the software. This is a facility for sending as a gift only. The Terms and Conditions forbid resale in any form.

This is a well thought out program that will give you hours of entertainment and is superb value for money

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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