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3D Album Picture Pro

Type of Program: Photo Album Software
Supported Platforms: Win 2000/XP
Company Name: Micro Research
Version: 3.1
Price: $69.95


I know this isn't shareware but it is such good value for money that I thought you should know about it. 3D-Album Picture Pro consists of 80+ spectacular Hollywood style shows, a complete graphic and photo editor, an advanced photo organizer, a creative photo printing and page design tool and it can produce DVD and other video files.

The unique 3D Picture Showcase Tool lets you show, present, exhibit, animate, publish, walkthrough, and even design photo games. Choose from over 80 fabulous 3D styles in the still growing collection for amazing themes such as wedding, reunions, graduations, parties, new babies, and many other special occasions. The complete Graphic and Photo Editor lets you paint, draw, decorate, illustrate, edit, and even create photos like a pro with easy and automatic tools.

The professional Page Layout and Design Tool lets you design, document, publish, and print photos like an expert. With hundreds of creative, rather than "cookie-cutter" templates including contact sheets, album pages, standard photo sizes, seamless and borderless printing, catalogs, calendars, greeting cards, CD/DVD disc labels, flyers, and many other special designs, you'll make professional printing with ease.

Advanced Photo Organizer lets you categorize, annotate, describe, sort, search, group, voiceover, and quick fix your photos via a set of efficient and powerful tools. Automatically manages categories. Drag and drop photos to change categories, Browse photos in a category tree the same way as you browse a normal folder tree. Search photos by name, size, date, and keywords. Easily organize and find photos by subject and categories.

The Video Capture Utility creates DVD-ready video files and other movie formats directly from your 3D animated photo showcase (not with PictureEZ.) Get your photos out of your computer and into your living room by creating DVDs or Video CDs. Mix multiple photo presentations on a single DVD disc or create karaoke DVDs using your own photo collections with stunning 3D effects.

The fact that you get all the above for just $69.95 beggars belief. You can pay that for an equivalent photo editor alone.

Buy it now before they realize it should cost heaps more.

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Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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