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BrowserBob 3 Professional

Type of Program: Visual Weblication Builder
Supported Platforms: Win98/ME/XP/2000
Company Name: BrowserBob
Version: 3.1
Price: $336.00


BrowserBob is another example of how easy it is these days for the "ordinary" person to become an application developer with out any formal training. This software lets you create your own branded browsers, standalone multimedia applications, interactive screensavers, free-floating home pages and more. All this is done by drag and dropping items such as buttons on to the background you choose and assigning parameters and actions to them from the ready built action scripts, it is that easy. Next to each parameter entry field you will find a button with parameters to choose from, including links to your additional files and much more

You can save complex browser behaviours in a single action list composed of as many different actions as you like and connect it to a button - one command for multiple actions - makes development even easier, saves time and opens loads of new possibilities for professional creations. The use of global variables to create URL variables and more - lets users configure and create variables for parameters, URL's & more - which can be changed by 3rd parties such as resellers, end - users or yourself. Or just maintain values of regularly used parameters in a single place for your convenience.

The program is stuffed with features (see here: to make producing a professional result an absolute breeze. Good clear tutorials are included plus there is a users forum and BrowserBob Pro also comes with some editable examples to learn from, where you can exchange parts for your use and BrowserBob creates self extracting executables (immediate browser launch) or single setup.exe files for your custom setup in your own design for easy distribution which can be sold penalty free.

An excellent piece of software that will have you creating highly professional browsers etc in a very short time.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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