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Type of Program: Internet Explorer Toolbar
Supported Platforms: Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP -
Must have IE Explorer 5.0 or better installed
Author's Name: Elisha Klein
Version: 1.0
Price: $FREE$
Installed Size: 400KB


ABCShortcuts is a very handy tool. The program is designed to memorize where you have visited on the net and store that information in a toolbar at the top of your IE session. It alphabetizes those entries for quick access, by you, the next time you want to visit a site that you might frequent.

Very inventive idea, and could be an invaluable tool for browsing the net, however don't think about getting rid of that favorites folder just yet! Some of its pitfalls include, storing all sites you visit, not just ones that you want to save, although these can be easily removed, what a hassle that becomes!

My second pet-peeve when it comes to this program is the fact that it comes pre-loaded with sites. These are sites that I may never want to visit, however every time I click on the letter "O" for example, I get to see that it wants me to click on, orbitz, and office depot. Although this may not bother some, it drives me NUTS!!

Some of the positives include; it doesn't use up much space, it is easily turned on and off via the view button on internet explorer however it only works with internet explorer (I am a big Avant Browser fan and have strayed away from IE over the years), it doesn't contain any spyware or adware (that I have found - this is also stated on their homepage).

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Eric Brantner

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