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AKVIS Chameleon

Type of Program: Image Combination Software
Supported Platforms: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/NT
Company Name: AKVIS LLC
Version: 1.1
Price: $69.00
Installed Size: 2540KB


First of all, I don't have a lot of experience with image enhancements or editing. However, reading what the program could do on their website, I got very excited to give it a shot - the program has a lot of potential. Basically, the program is designed to take part of one picture and integrate it into another picture (using the second as a background).

Some of the examples show boats sailing in the desert or putting a live baby's face on the picture of a painted doll. However, I was extremely let down 9. Once I got the program downloaded, first it wasn't exactly what I expected it to be and let me explain why - this isn't really a program, it's a filter that is incorporated into whatever program you happen to be using as your primary image editor.

My second let down was that this doesn't work with all imaging software out there. I only have two major image editors on my computer, Adobe Photoshop® and Microsoft Office Picture Manager® (which isn't really an editor but it works as one in a limited way). I couldn't get the filter to work with the Microsoft software AT ALL. The readme off AKVIS website suggests that you should use this with Adobe, so I gave it a shot.

Once I finally was able to get it to work, which was no small task, I found the program difficult to use. Now this could very well be due to my lack of experience in this type of photo editing, but to say the least I was far from impressed.

However, the website does offer a 10 day free trial of their software, so if you think this might be something that you would be interested in, give it a shot.

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Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Eric Brantner

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