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Type of Program: Business
Supported Platforms: Windows 9.x/ME/XP/2000
Company Name: Fanix Software
Version: 2.5
Price: $49.95
Installed Size: 2.9MB


This program rocks!! Many of us depend upon the spell-checker that our word-processing software, well this is a spell-checker for your entire operating system. Anytime you type, it's watching you!!!! This program checks your spelling in all your chat/instant messaging programs, your internet explorer (great for when you are googling or the like), or any other program that you are in while you are at your computer.

I must warn you however, at first this program can be a tad bit annoying, as until it 'customizes' itself to you and gets used to words that you frequently type, but may not show up in it's dictionary, it asks you A LOT if you are spelling words right.

However, once you use this program for several days, many of this is weeded out. If you decide that you like the program and decide to buy, you might put a shortcut to the .exe file into your Startup folder so that it runs automatically in the background, as I couldn't find an option to have this program automatically start at startup.

This program is a must have a definitely worth the price!

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Eric Brantner

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