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Disk Performance Analyzer for Networks

Type of Program: Utility - Network Managment
Supported Platforms: Windows NT/2000/XP/Server 2003
Company Name: Executive Software Version: 1.0
Price: 0
Installed Size: 5MB


This is a very simple and easy to use program for any computer administrator. Its functions are easy to use, and laid out in a simple interface. It provides fairly specific data regarding the optimization needs of the computers on your network.

Although, I don't typically monitor this type of information on the two servers that I maintain, this is a program that I might have to start utilizing when I have some free time (like that ever happens!)

I did have a couple of problems while I was trying to access some Win 98 machines that I have connected to the network, that was the only 'problem' that I ran into during my evaluation of this program. Though as you can see the specs do not include Win 98 as supported.

This program allows you to select all computers within a specific domain, or if you wish, only specific computers. The two servers that I manage are for K-12 school districts, and with those pesky little students installing and uninstalling items all the time, this greatly decreases the computers performance ability quite often.

After installing and launching the utility, you are presented with a list of computers on your domain(s) available for analysis. Once you have selected target computers, a small agent is temporarily copied to these computers to begin an analysis. The agent quickly and unobtrusively gathers disk fragmentation information from the remote computers and reports this data to the Disk Performance Analyzer for Networks main console.

The agent then completely removes itself from remote client systems. After collecting all the analysis data, Disk Performance Analyzer for Networks will create and present a comprehensive report showing the fragmentation related performance degradation on selected remote computers.

Although, this isn't something I could see someone using in a corporate atmosphere on a regular basis, this is handy for the situation that I am in, and best of all, IT'S FREE - what's better than that!?

If you are a computer administrator, this is definitely worth checking into.

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Reviewed by Eric Brantner

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