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Type of Program: Utility - IDE HDD Diagnostic Tool
Supported Platforms: Windows 9.x/ME/XP/2000/NT
Company Name: Oliver Twesten
Version: - Released 08/21/04
Price: $24.95
Installed Size: 1MB


DriveSitter hard drive analisys tool for IDE hard disk drives based upon modern S.M.A.R.T. technology. This utility does provide numerous details that are next to impossible to find without either taking the computer apart or using a third party application software (like this one), however I haven't seen a program get this specific before (and I am a PC technician, so I use programs like these on a regular basis).

I tested this software out on several good and bad hard drives that I just happened to have lying around and it was able to tell me (for the most part) what was wrong (if anything) with the HDD. It provided details that were extremely helpful in the analysis of HDD usage on my primary PC, and lets you run several disk test directly to your hard drive from this application.

I wasn't wow'd by the program, however it did everything it said it would do plus a little more. I don't know, as a technician, that I would find this program extremely useful, but on occasion I could see where this program could come in quite handy.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Eric Brantner

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