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Photo Resizer Pro

Type of Program: Graphics
Supported platforms: Win9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP
Company Name: Show Your Photos
Version: 3
Price: $18.00
Installed Size: 1304


After a very simple installation procedure you will find that Photo Resizer Pro is a lesson in how to make resizing, optimising, converting and printing photos and images, either singly or in batches, really simple so that you end up with images more suitable for email and web use. A delightfully simple user interface allows you to scale down the size of images which makes them faster to upload, download and e-mail. You can send pictures through your own e-mail application or use Photo Resizer Pro's built-in client.

You can resize photos to true color, 256 colors or even grey scale.

Features include:
Email one or more photos to friends without opening your email client.
Use your existing email address book to find a friend's address or just type it.
Your friends can view your photos with one click.
Find photos with a "tree" approach to your selection of photos.
Resize your photos with different filters to get the ideal result.
These filters will help a lot when you enlarge your photos.
Save photos as JPG or other formats or use advance format options.
Resize to true color, 256 colors or grey scale.
Click to get a full screen view of the photo.
Remove information about aperture, light, comments and other data digital cameras adds to a photo to reduce the file size even more.
On exit save your resize settings.
Overwrite your files with the new size without a prompt.
Save your newly sized photos in a separate file.
Print single or a batch of photos, add footers, file names, number photos & pages, select number of rows & columns and paper orientation.
Right click any image in Windows explorer and open Resizer Pro with the selected images.

Absolutely worth the $18.00 price tag.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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