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Type of Program: Home - Health
Supported Platforms: Win XP/2Kx
Company Name: GWaveSolutions
Version: 5.0
Price: $10


BioWin installs easily and intuitively. You can place the program files where you want, plus it gives you the choice of adding a desktop icon and a quick launch icon.

So what do you get with BioWin? You get a really nice looking easy to understand software program that will show you your biorhythm cycles. I imagine that it shows you your biorhythms is no surprise since it is of course a biorhythm program.

The surprises are what else it does. BioWin will compare two persons biorhythms so that you can check out your compatibility with someone. Plus you can input easily your friends and co-workers birth dates and run comparisons on them. It also has good/bad day search for the next 5-20 years.

Not only can you easily input dates of family, friends and co-workers and compare them, but BioWin comes preloaded with nearly 1200 celebrity profiles that you can play with.

In conclusion the interface of BioWin is really nice to look at, it is easy to use and at a price of $10 you can't go wrong. I heartily recommend it!

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Reviewed by Jean Kritz

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