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PlanetRemote Plus


Type of Program: Internet Remote Access
Supported Platforms: Win98/Me/2000/XP/
Company Name: NewAce Corporation
Version: 2.01
Price: 59.95
Installed Size: 11.9 Mb


The installation of PlanetRemote Plus is just amazing! I have never yet seen a program that walks you through the installation process so effectively. It is a sign of how the rest of the program works.

PlanetRemote Plus is a fully featured remote access program. There are lots of features that will enable you connect to your computers remotely either over the internet or over a network. Plus you are able to run any kind of server software right from your own computer, including a web server, mail server, FTP server, or even a game server.

The Plus Edition bundles the PlanetDNS Client and PlanetRemote Standard software together to allow you to take control of your computer from any other computer connected to your local area network (LAN) or over the Internet using an easy-to-remember Internet name.

The amount of stuff that you can do with PlanetRemote Plus is just astounding. Here are some of the things that you can do with PlanetRemote Plus, real-time pc remote control, remote desktop support, live demonstrations and training, system administration, and transferring files.

I think by now that you are getting the picture. PlanetRemote Plus can be all you ever need to do all kinds of tasks involving multiple computers.

In conclusion, the price is right, the software can be used for simple to advanced remote control and everything in between. I heartily recommend it.

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Reviewed by Joe Tex

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