Type of program: Puzzle
Supported platforms: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
Company name: Superluminal Inc
Version: 1.160.2
Cost: $19.95
Installed size: 1564 KB


I played Pipeline type games before, and enjoyed the game, so when I downloaded this I figured I knew well what it would be. I should know better than to assume... this one is GREAT! I really feel like whoever was on the "team" that wrote thus program said, "lets take all the Pipeline clones, games, and pipeline types, look at them, put them side by side, and then figure out what we can do to make our Pipline different than any of them!"

Whatís so good about it? I hear from the heckler in the back row. Most pipeline games were very simplistic. They almost looked like a old DOS game enabled [jury-rigged] to play in windows. Plain grey background, all grey pipes, [quiet heckler I know this was said by many to be a "sewer" game and sewers are grey arenít they?] The water always started in same spot, either just said start on little square or maybe a piece of pipe in a wall. Plain, simple. And I never knew anyone that tried it that didn't think there should have been more pieces of pipe available at one time. Oh look the heckler brought a friend, and he doesnít know how to play the game. He wants to know whatís the object of this, does it have a moral or social value? Ok, after I throw a piece of pipe at him, [pun intended] it has no moral or social value...except that itís fun. Iíd also say was relaxing, but Iím the kind of puzzle game player you can hear muttering, "donít bug me-Iíll make dinner later....I KNOW I can beat this dang thing, Iím smarter than a game!" Fun-oh yes...relaxing-welllll.....

Ok, quickly the object of the game attention, Iím pontificating. here, [didnít know I could spell that did you?] You have different lengths of pipes, as you remove you get more, there are horizontal, vertical, and 4 curves that curve 90 degrees of a circle, and a 4 way pipe that allows you to form with the curves a loop. You have the starting spot, and in 60 seconds water will come forth. You better have laid pipe [sorry got heckler started again] so the water is running in pipe, if water comes out of pipe you have a big plumber bill and you lose. Oh yes and you find occasional capped pipes so you can end the pipeline. However, losing doesnít mean you still donít get the points you scored, so personally, I seldom capped. The reason the game could get me to muttering is the law that states that the piece you want was here earlier, and will be here later, but it will NOT be hear when you need it. If you picked up a pipe you had to do something with it, and there were no trash cans, so I would stick it in a corner of the board, ending up with border rows that were useless, except to frustrate me cause thereís the piece I need where I threw it away. You could put pieces out in middle of board say to start the extra point giving loop, but now you are praying the piece you need will pop up to connect them before the water gets there. I could explain more, but Iíll let you read the rules, everyone here can read. [except the heckler nana]

For the most part that was it, sometimes in higher levels you would get some blocked squares to give you a hard time, mainly because building a pipeline was 40% skill, and 60% luck of the draw.

So what, you ask, could be done to make this different, unique and fun-er-er. Letís add teeny tiny graphics, skins, colors, a neat water faucet, grey AND gold pipe, [gold pipes double point, bonus for snakes AND loops, special objects such as gems, money, gold, grate, locked grates [and keys] manholes-and when you get a cover you can lay pipe, water sprinklers which gives bonus every two seconds till end, clocks that stop water for 10 second, heart giving extra life, fire hydrant each of which slow water by 10 per cent, garbage can, more pipes at one time, bonus round every 3 rounds, mystery marker, some pipe on board-usually in nice shape with a bonus if you can join it, and more. When the water hits the end if you havenít capped it blue water gushes into the air.

The writers of this program have done an EXCELLENT job of making an old favorite new and unique. The demo is good for only for 10 levels, but that is enough to addict you. So, go now before you forget and download this program. Take the heckler with you, he is distracting me. Now that Iíve finished this review, I can get back to Pipeline. No dinner. and honest Iíll write another review later....I know I can beat this level!

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Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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