Blueframe Web

Type of Program: Flash Websites
Supported platforms: Win9x/ME/NT4/2Kx/XP
Company Name: Framewood Technologies
Version: 3.5
Price: $29.95 (Current Offer check at website)
Installed Size: 5712 kb


This is a very nice program for the non technical to produce Flash Websites of the highest standard and can be used for online electronic brochures, e-commercials, presentations, newsletters, resumes, etc. for both PC and Pocket PC.

Producing these websites is simplicity itself and achieved in very easy steps and can be previewed in your browser at any stage either as PC or Pocket PC format.. First select your template from the 30 professionally designed templates that are supplied, insert text data such as Company name, business keywords, main body text etc and data for the other pages. Links and other HTML tags can be used in the text areas and the links on the supplied links page can be either url or Paypal ecommerce. Sound files can also be changed with equal ease. You can also change the display size of your site with the simple click of a mouse.

Now insert images from file or use the built in screen capture facility, (images are automatically resized). Next go to the meta tag facility and enter your Title, description and keywords. Now use the built in FTP facility to upload your masterpiece. It is that simple and even if you do need help there is a very clear User Manual in PDF format with the program.


Build websites and be online in less than 5 minutes
Intuitive WYSIWYG editor and manual therefore no training required
Everything you need to get online in 1 package
For the non technical user
No programming knowledge required
You build on your own computer therefore
No internet connection required
No server time lag, load, or connection/server drop-outs
No ongoing monthly subscription fees

The program is currently on offer at $29.95 reduced from $99.95, grab it now, it's worth the money at the full price!

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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