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Thanksgiving Shootout

Type of program: Screensaver
Supported platforms: Win 95/98/XP
Company name: Acez
Version: 2.3
Cost: 0
Installed size: 1200 KB


This wacky screensaver has turkeys running back and forth around the screen. You have 3 weapons to choose from-shotgun, rifle, and flamethrower. The turkeys are orange and have feathers tail and all.

The first time you shoot them they turn into that thing you stuff on turkey day but still orange. The second time you shoot them they turn a golden brown. And the third time you shoot them they disappear. In settings you can select your weapon, turn sound on or off, and adjust the speed the little critters run.

Lots of fun.

Ease of Installation:
Sound & graphics:
Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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