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Demo Builder

Type of Program: Screen recorder
Supported Platforms: Win 9x/2000/ME/XP/NT
Company Name: doubleT Inc
Version: 3.10
Price: $199


Every now and again I come across a piece of software that is just a joy to review and use. Demo Builder 3.1 is in that class.

Demo Builder allows you to create step by step visual Flash tutorials for your employees or customers with consummate ease. After simple setting of preferences all you have to do is press record and go through the process of the particular function or feature you wish to demonstrate/tutor in an application such as "Adding an attachment in email" and the program takes "snapshots" of your actions which you can then edit. The setting can be either "Auto record" or "Manual". Each snapshot taken by Demo Builder becomes a "frame" that can then be edited to suit your required demo/tutorial. You can set it to auto insert visual aids (Balloons, Cursors and Introductory notes) whilst recording or add them later.

The editing features are simplicity itself with an intuitive GUI and produce superb professional results, even my granny could use this. Some of the features include different transitions, pulsing objects to draw the users attention, animated balloons, import images and audio, record your own commentary and a whole host more. There is also a timeline where you can edit the time intervals between objects, frames and your movie.

When you are satisfied that your demo/tutorial is the absolute bees knees and the best thing since sliced bread you have three file formats you can export as, either Flash (SWF) format or Flash (SWF) and HTML format or Executable file format. You also have three destinations to choose from FTP (Demo Builder has an inbuilt FTP feature, email ( choose between Outlook, Outlook Express, Lotus Notes and SMTP Engine) or to hard drive. There are also some excellent online tutorials in the unlikely event that you will need them (Made with Demo Builder of course), along with several samples which you can download the source code for.

For ease of use and quality of results I can't think of anything comes close to it. Download the trial now and you will want to buy it once you use it.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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