Xmas Desktop 3D Screensaver

Type of program: Screensaver
Supported platforms: Win 9x/XP/2000/NT
Company name: 3D Desktop Ltd
Version: 1.1
Cost: $14.95
Installed size: 2035 KB


This screensaver takes your wallpaper and shows presents, firecrackers, and crash particles in animation floating in space. There is also a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year message.

The demo version is good for 15 days.

You can set display settings, play your own MP3 or default, choose camera motion of fly near by, smooth move little around, or see it from the different view, enable snow, enable firecrackers and crash particles, use winter wallpaper, show time and show Merry Christmas caption.

Ease of Installation:
Sound & graphics:
Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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