Type of program: Utility
Supported platforms: WinXP/2Kx
Company name: Tethys Solutions, LLC
Version: 2.0
Cost: 24.95
Installed size: 2.85 Mb


The installation of Launch-n-Go is easy and intuitive. You can place the program where you want them. Plus it asks if you want the desktop and quick-launch shortcuts.

The first time you run Launch-n-Go you are informed that you get 100 uses of the trial version. Fair enough.

The next thing that happens is that you are give instructions on how to enable the Launch-n-Go toolbar. The next screen that comes up is the Launch-n-Go window that shows you how do add the different shortcuts that will appear in the Launch-n-Go toolbar. They are divided into four sections, Documents/Programs/Folders, Websites, Commands and insert.

The Launch-n-Go toolbar sits in your system tray.

I hope that you are able to get an idea of what Launch-n-Go can do from my above description.

Just in case it isn't perfectly clear yet here is some more info. In the Documents/Programs/Folders for instance there are already four shortcuts, they are Run Launch-n-Go, Run Windows Explorer, Run Calculator, and Run Notepad. So these are already available in that Launch-n-Go toolbar. You can delete any of the shortcuts that are there or add any new ones.

Just to get your brain running, here are some things that Launch-n-Go can do that you may not have thought of, it can insert any pre-selected text and you can set it up to run any keyboard shortcuts.

In conclusion if you want to be able to work smarter, faster and easier Launch-n-Go is for you!

Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Joe Tex

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