Twisted Brush

Type of Program: Graphics
Supported platforms: Win 9x/NT/2000/XP
Company Name: Pixarra
Version: 7.0
Price: $29.95 - $109.95
Installed Size: 20mb


This program is awesome in every way. Twisted brush is a graphics effects/painting program that has left me reeling after trying it for a few days. It has everything you could possibly need to produce superb results, you only have to visit the users gallery to see what can be produced.

It comes with 22 art sets which contain 1500 brushes ranging from very simple color dots to realistic representations of natural artist tools to very wild brushes. There's everything from airbrush to pastel to watercolor to crayon and so on. On top of this there a wide variety of different papers to paint on (there's even tracing paper!) plus over 50 filters that adjust brightness and contrast or equalize the colors, artist filters that allow you to mimic a oil painting with a click of the mouse, blurring filters, noise filters, noise generation filters, distorting filters, sharpening filters etc. There are cloning brushes which can be used in conjunction with the tracing paper which allow you to clone using different types of brush ie oils, watercolor etc. Other features include masks, random brush generation, brush history, photo editing and free upgrades for ever (Perpetual license)

I could write pages about this software and its features but you will be better informed if you download the evaluation version and try it yourself, there are just too many features for me to write about but believe me you will find it very hard not to buy it once you have used it.

User Friendly:
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Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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