Screensaver Factory 4 Enterprise

Type of Program: Screensaver Creator
Supported Platforms: Windows 9x/Me/NT/2Kx/XP
Company Name: Blumentals Software
Version: 4
Price: $79.85 (Single License)


This is one of those "joy to use" programs.  Screensaver Saver Factory 4 Enterprise is a top class screensaver builder that is probably one of the easiest programs to use that I have come across.  All this is done by using an intuitive Graphical User Interface which will allow all you budding non-technical PC users to start your own Screensaver business.

The software allows you to create screensavers either for yourself or as shareware complete with registration keys, trial limitations, customizable nag-screen, readme information file and license agreement.  Screen savers you create can be distributed and sold royalty free..Users can make self-installing screensavers from any set of images, video and flash animation, adding background music and over 100 smooth picture transition effects and you can use animated Gifs.

Other features include:Create single or separate registration keys for your customers

         Instantly preview your screensaver in full-screen mode

         Automatically install the screensaver on your computer

         Create standalone, self-installing screensaver packages for easy distribution

         Create screensaver CDs

         Create standalone SCR files

         Specify the preview image for Windows Display Properties

         Customize screensaver icon

         Customizable screensaver settings and about windows

         Select screensaver exit conditions (e.g. on mouse move, on key press)

         Create single or separate registration keys for your customers

         Multi-language support

         Open Web address when screensaver exits

         Open Web address when F1 key is pressed

         Display image banner popup when screensaver exits

         Display banner in the screensaver settings window

         Add your logo to all screensaver images

If you want to make screen savers then this is the software to use, the results are top class and this program will more than pay its way.  You must at least try it.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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